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Supported ORM Frameworks

PHP ORM Doctrine

Doctrine ORM framework is fully supported and import/export is possible for following formats: YML file format

PHP ORM Doctrine2

Import and export is available for all Doctrine2 ORM formats: XML, YML file format and PHP Annotations

PHP ORM Propel

Import and export is supported for all formats offered by Propel ORM framework: XML, YML file format


Export creates PHP files with base/derived classes. Optionally schema.php can be exported.

Java Persistent API

We have plans to support also Java ORM Frameworks. Let us know your opinion!

MVC Frameworks

You can use ORM Designer with any existing MVC framework without limitation. There are no special requirements on MVC framework. ORM Designer currently offers several improvements for following MVC:

As mentioned above, you can freely use ORM Designer with any other MVC. Simple choose "Without MVC" in new project wizard.

ORM property system

Because each ORM framework has its own specifics, ORM Designer introduces a unique property system. For each framework and each element (entity, field, association, etc.) ORM Designer has its own set of properties.

These definitions allow you to edit all model properties directly in ORM Designer and export them to schema definitions. Here is a short list of available ORM property types:

  • simple scalar attribute types (string, decimal, float, bool),
  • intelligent attribute types (list of fields, list of parent / child entities),
  • structures and groups,
  • containers (unordered sets,ordered lists, indexed maps).

Some properties might contain hint text displayed in the bottom part of property editor. Url leading to online documentation might be attached.

Customizable ORM property system

ORM Designer offers a unique way how to extend all available properties. You can change, add or remove any ORM property (or structure, list, or other element) in XML configuration files.

  • Add new properties,
  • modify property default values,
  • create new list/set/array types,
  • define new behaviors,
  • define new datatypes.

Completely extensible

Besides available ORM Frameworks customization it's also possible to define a support for own ORM framework from scratch. The whole ORM framework definitions consist of XML,XSL transformations and JavaScript. It's possible to create support for any other ORM framework which uses XML,YML,PHP or annotations to define the schema files.

  • Do you know some public framework where ORM Designer could be useful?
  • Do you need special on-demand customization?
  • Do you have your corporate framework and want to use it with ORM Designer?
  • Do you have any other special needs?

You are welcome to contact us!