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Eliminate errors
Customizable to Your Needs
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Reliable and Trustworthy

Consistency check

It can be hard to keep your schema definitions in perfect shape when you need to make all modifications manually on several places. Thanks to ORM Designer, you can do much less work without fear of having missing or redundant definitions.

Smart wizards

  • Don't bother how and where you have to correctly add all required definitions.
  • Create association between two entities by using wizard.
  • Configure new inheritance in easy inheritance wizard.
  • Defining of many to many association wasn't so easy before. Wizard helps you.
  • Whatever you define, ORM Designer correctly updates schema files on all places.

Smart object removal

  • Easily remove any ORM object with one click.
  • ORM Designer automatically removes definitons from all places.
  • You don't have to walk through several files to correctly remove all references.
  • Remove association, many to many or entity without fear of forgotten references.
  • ORM Designer keeps your model in consistent state.

Unified model export

ORM Designer uses one style for the model export. No matter how your model looks during import, export will be always unified. Now you can be sure that your ORM always recognizes your model.

Know your model

When more than one user works on a larger model, there can be some redundancies or bad usage based on low model knowledge.

Thanks to ORM Designer each of your team members has a complex overview of model which helps him work more effectively with better knowledge of the work of his colleagues.

Errorless schema definitions

ORM Designer offers a lot of techniques to eliminate as many errors in your schema files as possible.

  • When editing values, ORM Designer provides assistants, value completors and validators.
  • Don’t bother with schema syntax, easily edit all values in graphical interface.
  • When exporting your model to schema files, ORM Designer uses well tested export templates.
  • All of this means no typos, no invalid or missing definitions, no forgotten fragments in schema files.
  • All exported files have also correct indention and format.
  • Your schema definitions will be in 100% condition if you choose ORM Designer!