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Case Studies

It doesn't matter how large your team is. ORM Designer saves a lot of time for a team of any size

What customers say about ORM Designer

To be sure that ORM Designer helps our customers we made a quick survey among a part of our users.
Here are the most important and most frequent responses:

  • Most of customers save about 70% of their time when using ORM Designer
  • The return of investment is really quick. Even with new prices it is only a few hours of application development and its maintenance.
  • It's not only about ROI, but ORM Designer also improves their models logic and code quality.
  • They don't use ORM Designer only to model, but also for model reviewing, brainstorming and communication with customers.
  • ORM Designer replaces a lot of boring code writing by creative and effective visual modelling.
  • With ORM Designer they dramatically shorten the model definition phase.
  • ORM Designer eliminates time spent on bug fixing.
  • ORM Designer helps them to orient faster in foreign or old projects.

ROI calculator

We prepared several examples which show you ORM Designer returns on investment (ROI). Financial savings are counted separately for freelancers, small teams and companies. Use our built-in calculator to check how much time and money ORM Designer will save to you.

Freelancer Small Team Company You
Hourly costs per empoyee $25 $50 $100 $150
Hours per month spend with ORM 20 hr 20 hr 15 hr 10 hr
Same work with ORM Designer using ~5 hr ~5 hr ~3.5 hr ~2.5 hr ~5 hr
Monthly financial savings $375 $850 $1300 $1200 $ 750
Year financial savings $4500 $10200 $15600 $14400  $ 9000
Return on investment (in working days) 21 days 9 days 6 days 7 days 11 days

Benefits of ORM Designer usage for different team sizes

Do you need the reasons why you or your superior should buy ORM Designer? Here they are. We prepared lists of most important benefits which ORM Designer definitely brings to your company. Lists are completed on a base of our real customers' feedback.

  • Freelancer
  • Free up more time for another areas of your business or your hobbies.
  • Be more effective and competitive.
  • Deliver faster and better applications.
  • Spend less time with boring work.
  • Avoid common typos and definition errors.
  • Maintain your old projects.
  • Organize your time better!
  • Small team
  • Fulfil potential of your team.
  • Design more sophisticated features than competition.
  • Communicate easier with your customers.
  • Know better all your projects.
  • Do model review and brainstorming easily.
  • Fix bugs in your application logic faster.
  • Always one step ahead!
  • Company
  • Reduce delivery time of your new products.
  • Decrease time of development.
  • Share project models with your colleagues.
  • Optimize your development workflow.
  • Create better and up to date documentation.
  • Complete project in time and in accordance with the project budget.
  • Work smarter!

Don't waste your time writing code definitions manually when everything can be done within few minutes by ORM Designer in creative and effective way!