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MVC Frameworks


ORM Designer is a tool to design your application model by using graphical interface. The model is exported from visual diagram by one single click. ORM Designer currently supports several ORM frameworks.

ORM designer can import and export models into several formats. It's possible to use XML or YML definition files or import and export models directly to code by using annotations. Thanks to ORM Designer there's no space for typos and duplicated, missing or redundant fragments in your definition files.

ORM Designer has native support for all major operating systems.

How ORM Designer supports MVC Frameworks

Almost all ORM Designer features are MVC independent. This means that it doesn't matter what kind of MVC framework you use as long as the ORM framework is supported by ORM Designer.

On the other hand ORM Designer includes support for some biggest MVC frameworks and for this frameworks there is some added value. For these MVC frameworks ORM Designer offers for example better and faster files scanning (because of knowledge of directory structure), an extension in export formats (because some MVC frameworks use slightly different naming convention), etc..

But as wroted above, if you use any MVC not contained in supported frameworks list, don't worry. You can still use ORM Designer for your models. Simply choose "Without MVC" option when creating (or importing) your project and let ORM Designer do the rest.

Which MVC frameworks are supported

MVC Framework Suported ORM Frameworks
Symfony (and Symfony2) Propel, Doctrine, Doctrine2
Zend Framework (and Zend Fw2) Propel, Doctrine, Doctrine2
Any other MVC Propel, Doctrine, Doctrine2