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Boost your productivity
Easy to use
Eliminate errors
Customizable to Your Needs
ORM Frameworks
Programming Practices
Reliable and Trustworthy

Be more productive, save your time

  • Focus on modelling and don't waste your time writing definition files.
  • Define your model in ORM Designer by using default ERD techniques.
  • Let ORM Designer generate all your schema definitions.
  • No more definition or typing errors, duplications and inconsistencies in your models.
  • Don't waste your time keeping your model in sync with schema files.
  • Increase productivity by up to 70%.

Import and export

ORM Designer has built-in support for import and export of ORM projects . You can easily import your existing project to visual model as well as update your project definitions by a single click.

  • Import model from XML, YML and annotations formats.
  • Generate models in XML, YML or definition code.
  • Update model annotations in existing code.

Easy start for existing project

Let ORM Designer to import your existing schema files or existing models from other modelling tools.

  • Import your existing ORM project with a single click.
  • Import your existing DB Designer / MySQL Workbench models to ORM Designer and convert them to schema definitions.
  • Easily maintain old or foreign projects. Import them and get a great overview.

Work effectively

The more ORM Designer features you use, the more time you save! Based on our internal user testing and feedback from our community we implemented a lot of shortcuts and time savers:

  • keyboard shortcuts,
  • ribbon shortcuts,
  • context menu,
  • auto positioning of new objects.

Sometimes also a small feature can save you lot of time:

  • copy names to clipboard,
  • copy field names to clipboard,
  • generate new names or aliases.

Fast navigation through model

Explore your model faster and easier with ORM Designer navigation features.

  • Locate object in project tree and visual diagram.
  • Explore your model in hierarchical project tree. Perform quick filtering based on object name.
  • Display project tree with or without regions.

External tools

ORM Designer offers a simple way how to define a set of common external tools and run them directly from application.

  • Each tool is defined by its executable, arguments and by default path.
  • It is also possible to use constants evaluated before tool is executed.
  • As constants you can use project name, path, ORM or MVC name.