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Customize ORM Properties

A lot of programmers sooner or later extend their schema definitions with custom properties used for internal purposes. We know that and we offer you a simple way how to make ORM Desinger recognize these properties.

  • Customize existing orm properties or behaviors,
  • define new orm properties for entities, fields, associations or any other model object,
  • define new behaviors or complex structure,
  • override enum values, types or anything else from default configuration,
  • customize settings for all frameworks, specific one or for a single project - hierarchical settings loader.

Customize ORM Designer

  • Customize rules for naming convention (new primary key, foreign field, etc.),
  • define your own import / export scripts. (JS + XSLT)

  • Do you know ORM framework where ORM Designer can help? Let us know!
  • We can also implement support for any internal corporate ORM. If you're interested, contact us.

Export Formats

Each programmer might have different requirements how his schema files should be stored. ORM Designer lets you choose export format for each module separately. Types of export are:

  • XML schema export
  • YML schema export
  • PHP files generating
  • annotations generating or updating.

Support of each export or generator depends on ORM framework you use for your project.

Project Storage

No matter if you want to keep your project in single file or separate it to several files, ORM Designer will help you.

  • Keep the whole project in single XML in root of your project,
  • separate some of your modules to separate files,
  • share plugin models among several ORM Designer projects.